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prideofpreston    -- Aug-2-2020 @ 10:00 AM
  we have 2lodges and a 10 seater dayboat in Horning on the 12th september for 7 dayscould anyone enlighten us as to which pubs are open for trade on the northern side by the way we are not lager louts our average age is 65 ...thanks in advance

your round methinks

Helmsman1946    -- Aug-2-2020 @ 12:17 PM
  I'v not heard of any that are still closed though the opening hours seem a little variable & all could change by then depending on which bit of the media you believe.
I would be inclined to have at least one back up meal and a couple of bottles in reserve

prideofpreston    -- Aug-2-2020 @ 3:05 PM
  Ok thanks

your round methinks

jrskip    -- Aug-2-2020 @ 9:32 PM
  The way things are things may well change who knows?
However as things are the pubs are open for food and drinks though many are offering a more limited menu and maybe restricted hours.
No idea if they are the only ones but the Ferry at Stokesby are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner BUT only as a takeaway or eat at the outside table area.

Alone1    -- Aug-3-2020 @ 4:06 PM
I am well over 60 and I am still a lager lout!!!
Or I like to think so Smile  Tinhat tounge-in-cheek boat-sail

Bob Huppendoun

There would be no life without water!!!

boat-mad    -- Aug-4-2020 @ 6:03 AM
  I am also well over 60 and am therefore a Saga Lout Cheers

Kind Regards

The_Wanderer    -- Aug-24-2020 @ 4:12 PM
  With regards to the Norada at Potter Heigham, I have recently logged onto their website and they are closed midweek but open at weekends from 4.00 pm until 10 pm.

Please give Costa the governor some support, despite some shortcomings with regards to the cosmetics of the pub he is working hard to keep the pub open and does what he can to eventually make the pub a great place to visit. He does try to serve some excellent real ale but depending on consumption as we know, if people do not buy the product it has a short shelf life so as a business man he cannot be expected to lose money on unsold beer. However his prices are reasonable for the Broads area and the food is great. We must remember that the building was a NAAFI for troops stationed there and workers in the motor torpedo boat works across the road which is now Herbert Woods yard. Criticism of d├ęcor is unfair, Costa is doing his best with the money available.    

The pub has a great, safe kids playground fenced off from the river and the road where parents can keep an eye on their children. I am not sure if the playground is open due to the virus but I am intending to go there in the near future and will report back to the forum.

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webntweb    -- Aug-24-2020 @ 9:26 PM
  Thanks for that The_Wanderer. We were there on Tuesday afternoon and it looked as if it was permanently closed. Good to know it is open some of the time.
Owner must know his market but if he does food isn't he missing out on weekend tourist trade by not being open from lunchtime.

The_Wanderer    -- Aug-25-2020 @ 11:28 AM
  webntweb: Costa seems to know what he is doing and I could not possibly comment on his strategy.
He is not a newbee to the pub trade. He cannot be expected to pay staff whilst there is no trade as that is a big hole in finances and not acceptable.

Lets just support the pub whilst it is open and keep it ticking over in these difficult times. We need to keep a fair sized pub open at Potter not only for us but for the employment in the area, especially the younger people who in the past have worked for him and did an excellent job in keeping the pub clean and tables cleared.

Weather permitting and after the August Bank Holiday I will certainly be visiting the pub and putting a few bob over the bar, real ale or no real ale.

Whizzer    -- Sep-3-2020 @ 8:43 PM
  Clearly your are speaking with a different Costas to me. The pub has been closed all year and will not open before Easter 2021


The_Wanderer    -- Sep-13-2020 @ 3:09 AM
  Yep Whizzer. Went past there yesterday and Norada was closed. All the garden furniture is piled up under the veranda.

Lets hope that it re opens next year despite what some people say about the pub it is a badly needed watering hole at Potter. However, given the resurgence of Covid 19 I wonder how the finances will stand through to next year.

The_Wanderer    -- Sep-20-2020 @ 7:35 AM
  I went past the Norada the other day and it is now definitely closed.

I heard on the grapevine that the pub chain owners of the Falgate are taking over the lease of  the site.

I look forwards to visiting there next year.

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