Topic: lion at thurne

brian69    -- Mar-24-2017 @ 3:00 PM
  hi we are going on the broads in june is the lion pub at thurne still open

imtamping2    -- Mar-24-2017 @ 3:17 PM
  Yes it will be and under new management . Smile

Brian152    -- Mar-24-2017 @ 8:36 PM
Do you know who has taken The Lion over?
Hope it's Rick from The White Horse.

Regulo    -- Mar-24-2017 @ 10:17 PM
  Correct! Smile

Regards, Ray.

Whatever happens now, I'm blaming it on Brexit. Everyone else is!

webntweb    -- Mar-25-2017 @ 6:10 PM
  I heard yesterday that they are doing enough work to open for the season and them possibly closing for a period after the main season to bring it up to the standard of their other pub.

pitdiver    -- Apr-8-2017 @ 10:52 AM
  Just seen this on the Norfolk Broads News FB page
Ricky Keenan Malt
18 hrs · Neatishead
It is now OFFICIAL... We are the new owners of the Lion Inn pub at Thurne

Good luck to all involved.

best wishes

avg45    -- Apr-8-2017 @ 5:36 PM
  Its great news that the Lion at Thurne has been taken over by the owners of the White Horse, Neatished. Are they going to spend a bit of money on the moorings in the Dyke as they are in a terrible condition?   Smile

I read somewhere that
drinking was
bad for you, so I have
given up Reading.

garryn    -- Apr-8-2017 @ 5:43 PM
  I think Rick is trying to get BA to take over the moorings. This will certainly improve them which is good but I hope that doesn't stop BA from trying to get the other moorings around that area


avg45    -- Apr-20-2017 @ 6:23 PM
  Is there any news on the Lion or the moorings yet?  Wink

I read somewhere that
drinking was
bad for you, so I have
given up Reading.

steve    -- Apr-20-2017 @ 6:46 PM
  They're hoping to be open for May bank holiday ,

steve and vicky

batrabill    -- Apr-20-2017 @ 6:47 PM
  Workmen in the building. Moorings not being touched yet.


Dibbler    -- Apr-20-2017 @ 10:12 PM on the moorings has been scheduled apparently. Can't do everything at once. Bit of patience needed...then we can support the new owners Smile

Farmer's moorings are sound excuse once the pub is open again...  Cool Indifference  


Summer-Breeze    -- May-3-2017 @ 11:01 AM
  I have a lot of time for Rick and think he has done a wonderful job at Neatishead. I do think though he will have to change his model for both pubs. The business model is to only sell real ales and craft ales. Obviously they sell wines as well but Im talking on the beer front. I think this loses a lot of business and have suggested to him it would be a good idea to have one keg bitter say John Smiths and one keg lager say Carling. This is because we know of groups of people that wont go there because one person doesn't like real or craft ale. As the beers change regularly its sometimes difficult to find a beer you like as what you enjoyed last week is no longer available today. Yes you can try before you buy but at busy times this is not always easy.
If a party of six want to go to an Indian restaurant and one doesn't like Indian they can choose something from the English menu to get by. Last time I spoke to Rick he was adamant that he would not change his

I do wish him every success though and will certainly be an imbiber there.

Its not the destination its the journey that matters

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boat-mad    -- May-3-2017 @ 2:55 PM
  I agree with Summer-Breeze. A standard Lager and a Bitter would be a good idea.  Myself and most of my friends only drink lager and plenty of it. I wish the new owner every success but I would not go to a pub that doesn't serve lager.  

Kind Regards

Dilligaf    -- May-3-2017 @ 6:03 PM
  I'm another to agree with the last two sentiments, I usually drink the likes of john smiths or guiness and have found problems finding something I like in the white horse, the last two visits I have ended up on blackshore which I don't mind.
My local does a good few real ales and gets a few camra awards but he won't give a camra discount as it's the lager/guiness/smooth drinkers that keep him in a good living and it's not fair to give a discount to those that tend to nurse a half just to tick a box and moan about it being half a degree too warm/cold, and it's not a youngsters pub by any stretch.

Formerly 'LeoMagill'

ADI    -- May-3-2017 @ 7:16 PM
  Here Here I only order lager at pubs too.


Adrian  Michelle

Beck  Braydon and Mere.

Speleologist    -- May-3-2017 @ 7:52 PM
  Whereas I have some sympathy with the lager and John Smiths drinkers, I have to say that, as a business model, the White Horse seems to be working. It is always busy and vibrant and I suspect has a turnover that does not require them to cater for those additional requirements. They have selected their market and it seems to be working. Whether the same will work in the Lion remains to be seen.h

"Posthabui tamen illorum mea seria ludo"

WhisperingReeds    -- May-4-2017 @ 6:13 AM
  For the Lager drinkers, the Samuel Smiths Lager served in the White Horse is excellent and will suit the tastes of the carlsberg/fosters/carling drinkers admirably.

My late father went to school not far from the Sam Smiths brewery and used to order a crate a fortnight specially from the Post Office in Neatishead when it was in what is now the Regency Guesthouse.  He'd have been delighted to find Sam Smiths on tap in his local!



boat-mad    -- May-4-2017 @ 7:18 AM
  That's good to hear John.  I will have to give Samuel Smiths Lager a try.  I hope it's not too strong  Wink

Kind Regards

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Pubman    -- May-4-2017 @ 9:54 AM
  aha the old lager debate strikes again...

I will try to answer this to clear up some points...

we sell 4 lagers at the white horse

samuel smiths organic lager 5.0%
shepherd neame spitfire lager 4.0%
redwell steam lager 4.6%
meantime london lager 4.6%

all of these would be classed as premium products and score highly in class for lagers compared to more readily available products.
The issue i often have is that because people may have not heard of them they think they are not lager. The recent boom in people loving beers like peroni, estrella and czech beers is great but pubs charge a fortune for them on the basis they are 'premium' whereas all you are really paying for is the marketing behind it. The beer we have chosen doesnt rely on big budgets so i can sell them at a better price in comparison.

we did sell john smiths before our refurbishment but owing to the fact we sold so much cask ale there wasn't enough demand for it so we stopped. we will be selling a samuel smith dark mild at thurne when we open but smoothflow beer as a whole is in massive decline.
Guiness, the other swear word in my house! we tried to sell it again initially but it kept going out of date before being sold, we changed to adnams blackshore stout and now sell 3 kegs a week. This is another product that pubs seem to think they can charge over 4 pound a pint when it doesn't cost that much to buy in.

our business model for drink is very similar to our food, we aim to offer something different that you cannot get in the shops so cheap. there is no point me selling fosters at 3/4 quid a pint when you can buy it in the supermarkets at 50p a can.

human nature is to stick to what you know but we like to embrace variety and support english and artisan producers.

i cannot please everyone and for each customer who loves what we do there is one who wants a guiness, chicken nuggets for their kids, carvery and a fruit shoot but there is so many places on the broads that already do that so i offer something different.

hope that explains what we do, rick

Summer-Breeze    -- May-4-2017 @ 3:50 PM
  If you can make enough money doing it your way Nick then great its just my visits to you are limited due to other party members saying they don't like real ale. A keg of John Smiths or Fosters will last over 4 weeks so it wouldn't be wasted. I will wager with you that a keg of Fosters would be gone in under a week I will even supply it if you like. I wonder if the real reason is that the opposite is true and you would sell too much of it which would take away sales from the 1 week life of real ales (provided your not blanket covering) and its that that would be wasted. As I always say though if you want to dictate how a pub runs then buy a pub ! You have two somethings right

Its not the destination its the journey that matters

VetChugger    -- May-4-2017 @ 4:22 PM
  I wouldn't worry too much Summerbreeze! There are plenty of alternative "pop" shops for you all to enjoy. Will make my place just that bit closer to the bar when I call!


spiderman    -- May-4-2017 @ 4:34 PM
  Pubman  Playful Wink  Cheers Keep up the good work!.

grandpamike    -- May-4-2017 @ 4:42 PM
  Did I hear someone say they'd stock mild? If you're still doing that next time I make it across the channel to Norwich, I'll make an effort to come & try it in various forms:

- straight mild
- mild & bitter
- bitter top
- ginger beer shandy

Good luck with your new venture!

Grandpa Mike

batrabill    -- May-4-2017 @ 5:10 PM
  Each to his own.

We shall be frequenting The Lion. Keep up the good work Pubman


Dreamer    -- May-4-2017 @ 5:29 PM
  Good of Pubman to give such a detailed response. Once again, The Lion at Thurne will be a good pub to visit. It is a shame the Thurne Mouth and Boundary Farm moorings have gone (quite literally now!) as it was always a nice and easy walk to Thurne from there. Maybe those pontoons will eventually materialise.....................

Dodger65    -- May-4-2017 @ 5:36 PM
  Let's be honest if the Thurne ends up as Google as the netishead pub then what a great pub we are looking at
I can't wait

Keep That Boating Smile

Pubman    -- May-4-2017 @ 6:24 PM
  as mentioned moorings are at a premium but we should ahve our works done shortly to open our side of the dyke and the farmer will keep the other side open for holiday boats also so room for around 30 boats between the two sides.

this forum has shown what i constantly say, we are not for everyone but in this busy broads market place there is room for all business types. my focus has always been on a constant year around trade and to do that I need to not pander to holiday makers only and aim at a wider audience. i was always taught quality and consistency will always bring in custom long term.

stocking a john smiths or carling would never detract from ale sales as those drinkers are completely different. If you are able to try what we sell please do, but dont jusge until you have tried.

ADI    -- May-4-2017 @ 7:28 PM
  Hi Pubman thanks for posting, just to clarify what will the closest drink to lager you will be selling at the Lion so I know what to order  Smile


Adrian  Michelle

Beck  Braydon and Mere.

ADI    -- May-4-2017 @ 7:28 PM
  Hi Pubman thanks for posting, just to clarify what will the closest drink to lager you will be selling at the Lion so I know what to order  Smile


Adrian  Michelle

Beck  Braydon and Mere.

Jeremy-Aslan    -- May-4-2017 @ 8:48 PM
  Pubman said:   "i was always taught quality and consistency will always bring in custom long term."

What a refreshing comment to hear!  Smile   Whether it be pubs or boatyards, I reckon we need more of that attitude.  So, I may well be putting The Lion on my list of pubs to visit  -  are the moorings in the dyke on the arrangement that it's free if you are eating in the pub?

'We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty' (HHGG)

Pubman    -- May-5-2017 @ 6:09 AM
  "Hi Pubman thanks for posting, just to clarify what will the closest drink to lager you will be selling at the Lion so I know what to order"

oh dear! there will be 5/6 lagers for sale at thurne  so feel free to order any you wish. the most 'sensible' ones will be spitfire lager, sam smiths lager and bitburger pilsner

Pubman    -- May-5-2017 @ 6:11 AM
  farmers side £4 overnight and ours will be free but needs repairing first before it can be used (work ongoing). no conditions regarding eating with us but will monitor over the season.
until we get a grip on it we may place a ban on fishing and bbq's on our side though

Dilligaf    -- May-5-2017 @ 7:28 AM
until we get a grip on it we may place a ban on fishing and bbq's on our side though

Highly advisable on the bbq front, a lot of boats (mostly hire but not all) are very happy to use a pubs mooring and do their own food and drink on the boat instead of using the business that pays for the mooring repairs.
Always annoys the cr*p out of me when I can't moor at a pub I'm going to in till they chuck me out because someones bbq'ing at the moorings.

Formerly 'LeoMagill'

Dzign    -- May-5-2017 @ 7:54 AM
  Pubman good luck with your venture will you allow fishing from boats only and  stop fishing from the bank


Pubman    -- May-5-2017 @ 8:06 AM
  yes we would allow fishing from boats but hope that all will respect rules of moving lines for navigation as there seems to have been alot of issues lately with people not.
if it was to become a problem we would have to ban until addressed

Coriolis    -- May-5-2017 @ 11:49 AM
  I really liked the old White Horse, although concede it wasn't to everyone's taste.

IMHO, Pubman and Team have transformed it into something hugely better, which also won't be to everyone's taste ( althoughsuits me very well indeed.

Pubman's view on what to offer is absolutely on the money for me and have never had such a good he says if I want factory beer I can get it everywhere else and probably cheaper still in supermarket cans, if that's what floats your boat.

I was never much of a fan of the Thurne Lion, simply because in general the beer was 'ok' rather than memorable, the food 'usually ok', the general ambience was very tired (I had/have no interest in the various discussions on the merits or otherwise of the people who ran the place, in the same way I don't care to be interested in the life history of anyone in any shop I may or may not trade with).

Given Pubman's demonstrated track record in breathing new and vibrant life into a tired establishment I wish him and Team every success with the Lion and look forward to increasing my visits there, especially as my home mooring is in Ludham...a perfect distance for a swift short sail, lunch and home....or maybe stay for a few more  LOL boat-sail

avg45    -- May-5-2017 @ 6:20 PM
  Pubman, can you legally stop anyone fishing from their boat? I am not being awkward I really would like to know for future reference at other moorings  Smile

I read somewhere that
drinking was
bad for you, so I have
given up Reading.

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kfurbank    -- May-5-2017 @ 7:17 PM

Why couldn't he? His moorings therefore you moor for free on his terms, or you don't!!!

I think The Swan in Horning allows double mooring even though you pay for the mooring. Lots of people don't like the idea of double mooring, but there you have a clear choice, moor and risk being moored against, or don't.

Having said that, I rather suspect the no fishing is more to stop people leaving gaps for fishing, thus meaning less paying boats on the mooring.

Whichever I don't fish, but am really looking forward to visiting The Lion again. It does bother me who I give my money to, and whilst I would have given any new landlord a chance, Rick has a good proven track record and I'm sure The Lion won't disappoint.

Just because The BA make a request, don't automatically assume they have the powers to make such requests!! Keeping a careful eye on an Authority which is making it's own rules.

steffan70    -- May-6-2017 @ 12:18 PM
  I'm really looking forward to visiting the lion and the white horse, my mate and I are avid real ales drinkers, the fun is trying them and finding hidden gems from artisan Brewers.
Rick obviously has a formula that works for him,and im all for it, roll on June ........ Smile

Uncle_Nobby    -- May-6-2017 @ 12:36 PM
  I dropped into the White Horse on the way home on Friday afternoon to deliver some bits and it looked really good.  Lovely floor, and we will be back next weekend to try the food...

Pubman    -- May-9-2017 @ 12:21 PM
  thanks all for the comments, we are trying our best to get this completed so you can all enjoy it over the summer.
we will look at the moorings throughout the season but while we run our side i feel the bans would be sensible until we see how it is used. we really dont wish to charge so hopefully it suits all parties.

RichardB    -- May-19-2017 @ 1:30 PM
  A man in pub sayter me, beer at 6 ternight.

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Pubman    -- May-26-2017 @ 8:16 AM
  yep we opened last friday night

Brian152    -- May-27-2017 @ 4:45 PM
  Wishing you all the best Rick, look forward to seeing you in Aug./Sept.

Brian152    -- Aug-20-2017 @ 6:17 PM
  Can anyone tell me what the situation is regarding the moorings on the pub side?
Hope to be there beginning of next week.

aboattime    -- Aug-20-2017 @ 6:49 PM
  The Pub moorings are still as they were.Free to all boats on first come basis,and as far as i know no need to eat at the Lion. We eat there a few months ago and it was very good,its been completely transformed,we were very impressed and they hope to finish the refurbishment during the winter months.

kindest regards

Kevin Cook

SteveDuk    -- Sep-17-2017 @ 3:32 PM
  Can anyone confirm that the Lion will be open 3rd week in October. I'm compiling a list of dog friendly pubs for us to overnight at for our upcoming week and The Lion is quite high on the list Smile

steve    -- Sep-17-2017 @ 3:50 PM
  Pub will be open , know in the winter months there is plans for further decorating

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

Dibbler    -- Sep-17-2017 @ 7:17 PM
  Went to The Lion last Thursday evening. First class food and drink both served with a smile. Thoroughly recommend anyone to visit the place. The team there most certainly seem to have the formula sorted.  Smile


Dzign    -- Sep-18-2017 @ 8:25 AM
  We visited the Lion over the August bank holiday and we quite disappointed with the food, we ordered the mushroom soup of the day, this turned into vegetable soup (with apologies and we won't be charging you for the soup) but frankly it looked like a baby food, brown and kinda mushy.
There were two roast dinners available hog roast and beef, fish & chips, burger & chips plus a veggie burger, there was five in our party three had the  burger which was ok and the other 2 people had the two different dinners neither was happy about the food the amount of peas was really huge but one 1" thin carrot cut into 4 quarters roast spuds but no real veg other than peas. they knocked something off the bill as a whole.
The service was excellent, very disappointed with the food, wasn't planning on saying anything on the forum but felt that I should balance it up after the last entry


Calixte    -- Sep-19-2017 @ 8:42 AM
  Called in at the Lion on Sunday all six of us plus the dog and what great service we received along with a very nice Sunday roast dinner.
First Class and well done to the staff very friendly and made the children very welcome, looks like some repairs have been carried out to the old mooring as there are a number of new plans been put in but could not spot any mooring rings at the moment.
"well Done The Lion will be back again very soon"
Many thnaks from all our crew Smile

Kindest Regards Mike

VetChugger    -- Sep-19-2017 @ 2:19 PM
  We were unlucky with our visit back end of July. We wandered in around 7.30 - 8pm to be told that there was no food because they had been so busy during the day that the Chef was fed up and slung his hook! Bit careless to lose chefs and it left us with a less than positive impression of the pub and grumbling, starving  stomachs!.


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pitdiver    -- Sep-29-2017 @ 8:35 PM
  We visited the Lion on Friday 15th September, that was a group of 37 Of us as. This was after spending our worst week on the Northern Broads that anyone could remember.
The food was excellent, the service great and the ambience was superb. This event was our final dinner and prize presentation. It was a great night and we look forward to next year.
Forgot to ask who was it I said hello to at Ludham Bridge and said I was Pitdiver. Whoever it was nice to see you.

best wishes

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batrabill    -- Sep-30-2017 @ 6:52 AM
  The Lion is our local so we were thrilled about the new management and the refurb.

I think they had a few teething problems this first season but we ate there this week and they are running a tight ship and the menu is spot on. The beer offering is, and always has been great.

I’d recommend it to anyone.

And the mooring on the Potter side is free.


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Summer-Breeze    -- Oct-4-2017 @ 10:34 AM
  For any Fosters / Carling / Carlsberg drinkers, you wont find any here. Instead go for Spitfire Lager its as good as. Great atmosphere when we visited. Saw Evening with Bob band. Brilliant !

Its not the destination its the journey that matters

rads    -- Oct-4-2017 @ 3:05 PM
  Wow, as good as Fosters?

Talk about damned with faint praise!



Summer-Breeze    -- Oct-15-2017 @ 2:54 PM
  So Rads if someone doesn't drink what you do it has to be rubbish does it?
I brew beer from grain and bitters are very easy to brew. Ask any home brewers how their lager went though and its a different story. Constant low fermenting temperature is only one of the special conditions lagers need.
The White Horse sell quite a few keg beers (non real ale) Its called choice

Its not the destination its the journey that matters

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avg45    -- Oct-16-2017 @ 2:29 PM
  We have visited the Lion and the White Horse recently and neither one of them had a Chicken dish on the Menu, is there a shortage of chickens in and around the Broads area as the Wroxham hotel was the same when we visited it not long ago? also  I found it strange that at the White horse i had to order potatoes with the steak and ale pies as they did not come with it and the crust was less than 1/8" thick!!!! Not Impressed  Frown

I read somewhere that
drinking was
bad for you, so I have
given up Reading.

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Helmsman1946    -- Oct-16-2017 @ 4:16 PM
  Maybe too many round Norfolk know about chicken processing factories Evil Grin


Dzign    -- Oct-16-2017 @ 10:55 PM
  Don't even suggest the otte.. sorry "mink" have eaten all the chickens


pargeandmarge    -- Oct-17-2017 @ 6:29 PM
  Who would dare? read the forum Geoff has got them on The Corsican Smile
Marge and Parge

grutter    -- Oct-28-2017 @ 12:27 PM
  I was delighted to visit this pub for the first time since 2002. We have stayed well clear in the past 15 years, watching it get run down and reading horrendous reviews. Although I don't yet feel it has the cosy, warm, 'homely' feel it had when I first visited in the 90s,they  have worked so hard to turn it round in a very short time. The new owners deserve to succeed. Great selection of beers and perfectly decent grub for me and my family (although the food was a bit pricey if I had to criticise). One of the nicest places to moor around there in my opinion, watching the sun go down. We will definitely be back next year and would recommend everyone gives it a try!

daz3210    -- Oct-28-2017 @ 7:35 PM
  We had the misfortune to eat there on Thursday.

Whilst there was a good selection of beers, as has been identified there was no chicken.

We had two kids with us, both of which if all else fails will eat chicken nuggets or chicken strips. Lion had neither.

The other staple kids eat of course is beans, of which there were also none.

OK, I can see the nouveau cuisine idea is maybe what is being aimed for, but what happened to the idea of good pub grub? That is what we as hungry boaters were looking for.

When we mentioned the lack of beans or chicken the answer was that they wished to serve all fresh cooked food. So, chicken must only come out of a freezer. I also refuse to believe the peas were not either frozen or tinned.........

Wocka Wocka Wocka

Summer-Breeze    -- Oct-30-2017 @ 12:31 PM
  Daz. You should look at the owner Nick comments earlier about the model of the pub.
Quote "i cannot please everyone and for each customer who loves what we do there is one who wants a guiness, chicken nuggets for their kids, carvery and a fruit shoot but there is so many places on the broads that already do that so i offer something different."

So don't expect chicken nuggets anytime soon.

Its not the destination its the journey that matters

daz3210    -- Oct-30-2017 @ 7:25 PM
  He may be right that there are many other pubs on the Broads that do this, but not in that locality.

Whether he said that earlier or not, our experience was very disappointing, and I suspect we are not alone.

Wocka Wocka Wocka

daz3210    -- Oct-30-2017 @ 7:26 PM
  I would also add, does a successful business do what they want, regardless of whether they maximise sales, or does the more successful business sell what the punters want?

Wocka Wocka Wocka

avg45    -- Oct-30-2017 @ 7:53 PM
  For good varied menu try the Bridge at Acle.  Good food and friendly staff. Can't say fairer than that and they had chicken on the menu  Smile

I read somewhere that
drinking was
bad for you, so I have
given up Reading.

Harlequin    -- Oct-30-2017 @ 11:30 PM
  Each landlord, restaurant owner, cafe' owner can surely decide which part of the food spectrum that they want to satisfy. If they try to cover the whole lot it ends up as a mish-mash with no direction, soul or definition.
What is endlessly missed on here is that boaters only cover a relatively small part of a riverside businesses customer base. So like all other eateries they need to build a reputation that will attract the local land based diners of a particular persuasion. They simply cannot cover all bases.  

martinward    -- Oct-31-2017 @ 10:06 AM
  As the expression goes---"Each to their own"-----We had a lovely meal a couple of months ago at The Lion. Whilst I can see that the menu might no suit all tastes , this pub needs to attract customers all year round and become a destination for the local as well as the boating community as has happened at the sister pub in Neatishead.Good luck to them , they are certainly on the right track.

Martin W.

kfurbank    -- Oct-31-2017 @ 10:48 AM
  I went into McDonalds in Norwich the other day and shall not be going back. I was most disappointed to see they had no filet steak with gratin potatoes and green beans. All they seemed to sell was cheap burgers. Don't they realise that not everyone wants cheap fast food thrown together in seconds!!!! I shall definitely do my research before visiting new establishments for the first time.

Just because The BA make a request, don't automatically assume they have the powers to make such requests!! Keeping a careful eye on an Authority which is making it's own rules.

Helmsman1946    -- Oct-31-2017 @ 2:23 PM
  Kfurbank - you may also want to note that the menus are the same in all of their establishments and you are encouraged to order on a screen as you enter.
They are also a profitable business employing many people   Smile


Dzign    -- Oct-31-2017 @ 2:45 PM
  I won't be ordering food from a screen anytime in the near future... even McDonalds don't do that, do they??
I don't use them so am just guessing, I wonder if the steaks have barcodes on


TerryTibbs    -- Oct-31-2017 @ 5:37 PM
  McDonalds most certainly do have screens to order your food on but you can still queue up and order it the old fashioned way, they also do table service now, We are in the 21st Century you know ;-)

Dave  Cheers

Je suis Charlie

Regulo    -- Oct-31-2017 @ 5:47 PM
  Speak for yourself! I like the 20th century, and have every intention of staying there!  Playful Wink

Regards, Ray.

Whatever happens now, I'm blaming it on Brexit. Everyone else is!

TerryTibbs    -- Oct-31-2017 @ 6:00 PM
  TBH there’s many would say I still live in the 19th century!

Dave LOL

Je suis Charlie

steve    -- Oct-31-2017 @ 9:55 PM
  Update of winter times / service at the lion inn

steve and vicky
( apparently a moaner)

Dzign    -- Nov-1-2017 @ 9:31 AM
  Yes I know we are TT.. so we order our food by machine, then sit down to watch your company play with their phones, to much effort to have a conversation when a phone is so much more entertaining and the youngsters are "talking" to each other, hey they are even in the same room...
Some would say there is a lot in this century that's pants ps. that's a 21 cen expression


Karen&Mike    -- Nov-1-2017 @ 9:44 AM
  Dzign - yep, gottag agree with you there. Def pants ( as my niece would say!)

"Progress"  isn't always positive, but should we dare to say that, it seems we are glass half empty moaners....  Playful Wink  


"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

TerryTibbs    -- Nov-1-2017 @ 10:11 AM
  Pants is so 2007, you oldies, well all's Gucci in my World.


Je suis Charlie

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Karen&Mike    -- Nov-1-2017 @ 10:22 AM


"Wind up the elastic band Karen - we're setting off!!"

byrongee    -- Nov-1-2017 @ 12:15 PM
  You,re bang on TT. My old bi lingual staffie is named Gucci and learned at an early age that a well behaved dog need not be in fear of a trip to the handbag factory.
      Best wishes,Brian.


Harlequin    -- Nov-1-2017 @ 3:22 PM
"Some would say there is a lot in this century that's pants ps. that's a 21 cen expression."

Or is it?

From World Wide Words (April 14, 2001): Referring to "Pants"
"It has been an all-purpose term of disapproval among young people in the UK during the middle to late nineties. It first turned up in print in 1994, in pieces that indicate it was popularised by DJs on the BBC's radio pop channel, Radio 1, most probably by Simon Mayo, though the finger is often pointed at Zoë Ball. By a year or so later, it was very much in vogue among teenagers. In the way of such things, by the time older people picked it up and started using it, it was already a bit passé; its recent very public exposure has almost certainly put paid to its popularity among its younger users."

Torty    -- Nov-16-2017 @ 5:17 PM
  The East Anglian Cruising Club (EACC) held their Laying Up Supper and Prizegiving at the Lion on 11th November. I think there were around 50 of us there. The food was superb and the service was efficient and friendly. Admittedly they brought in extra staff from the White Horse to help out but this was probably the best meal we have had on the Broads in years.

Now, a pre-booked formal event is no reference point for a casual punter but it demonstrates that they really can produce quality. Menu below:

£24.95 FOR 3 COURSES











More info here:


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Richard    -- Nov-16-2017 @ 6:41 PM
  That looks like a very good menu, at a very reasonable price.

I'll certainly be eating there when I can get some time off.

kfurbank    -- Nov-16-2017 @ 7:19 PM
  I wondered who all the rabble were next door  Evil Grin

We ate of the normal menu on Saturday night. The gammon was excellent, a proper butchers gammon, none of that reconstituted rubbish. An excellent choice of beers and ciders. An excellent night of food and drink, apart from the noise from next door  Playful Wink

This is the second time I have eaten in The Lion this year and I'm glad to say it is now firmly back on the list of places to visit. This trip we honestly couldn't decide to stop at The Lion, or The White Horse at Upton, we wanted to be somewhere in that area due to heading South again the next morning. In the end as we couldn't decide it was the flip of a coin that resolved it.

Just because The BA make a request, don't automatically assume they have the powers to make such requests!! Keeping a careful eye on an Authority which is making it's own rules.

Paladine    -- Nov-16-2017 @ 9:19 PM
Was the gammon horseshoe or D-cut?

"..for the avoidance of any doubt, the broads are not legally a national park and do not come under the national park legislation, and nor will they."
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for DEFRA (Hansard 2015)

Dykedweller    -- Nov-16-2017 @ 10:03 PM
  Bit technical there Paladine! I prefer a thicker D-cut to a thinner horseshoe.

Paladine    -- Nov-16-2017 @ 10:14 PM
Not technical at all  Smile  Most pubs serve up horseshoe gammon, which is usually just like a thick slice of bacon, and very often dry. I've found one pub in Salhouse, and another at Foxton Locks, which dishes up D-cut gammon. Once you've tried D-cut, you'll never go back to horseshoe.

FWIW, Cawdon's butchers in Stalham will serve you D-cut, if you ask for it. Apparently, not many people ask for it   Confused

"..for the avoidance of any doubt, the broads are not legally a national park and do not come under the national park legislation, and nor will they."
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for DEFRA (Hansard 2015)

kfurbank    -- Nov-17-2017 @ 12:18 AM
  It was a nice thick and very filling piece of d cut gammon. Very few pubs on The Broads do or have served it, most notably The Lion last weekend, The White Horse Neatishead and The Berney Arms when John and Tracy were tenants.

Just because The BA make a request, don't automatically assume they have the powers to make such requests!! Keeping a careful eye on an Authority which is making it's own rules.

Paladine    -- Nov-17-2017 @ 9:05 AM
Thank you. That's good news. I might just have to give it a try  Smile

"..for the avoidance of any doubt, the broads are not legally a national park and do not come under the national park legislation, and nor will they."
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for DEFRA (Hansard 2015)

Summer-Breeze    -- Dec-11-2017 @ 11:20 AM
  So seven of us turn up to The Lion at Thurne yesterday (Sun 10th) to enjoy the Christmas Fayre that's been advertised both on posters and on the Lions facebook page. We arrive at 11.45am to be greeted with "sorry we don't open until 12 noon" No problem we can wait 15 mins, and enquire if the fayre is taking place as planned as it seemed very quiet. We were told that the fayre had been cancelled due to "pub problems". We were also told that the pub would close xmas eve and reopen in March 2018.
This seems very strange as that means they lose the lucrative News Years Eve celebrations. They have only recently told us they would only be closing for 2 weeks to upgrade the kitchen

What are "pub problems" ? Could it be that the strict food and drinks policy spoken of on this thread has come back to bite them on the bum?

I understand cancellations happen but even at 6pm yesterday facebook was not updated. We travelled 60 mins round trip for nothing.

If pubs want our support then they must communicate. They are quick to do so when advertising so they should also when cancelling. We will think hard about supporting future ventures there

Edited to add link

Its not the destination its the journey that matters

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TerryTibbs    -- Dec-11-2017 @ 11:57 AM
  There is an update by Kate Gabriel on the 24th November which says event cancelled?????
Does seem a bit of a strange carry on there.


Je suis Charlie

Summer-Breeze    -- Dec-11-2017 @ 12:22 PM
  They have so many sites its hard to find out whats going on/ There are two facebook ones

Then they have event pages such as the one I linked to. This is the one where you can say "interested" or "going" etc. Once you say you are going the originator can then contact you direct with any further info etc.

Their main website was  last used 2012 !

Dave was this the one you saw We didn't see this until today, we had been looking at their facebook page.

Very strange

Its not the destination its the journey that matters

TerryTibbs    -- Dec-11-2017 @ 1:21 PM
  I followed the link in your 1st post, it is confusing but I always find it hard to follow the timeline on FB Wink


Je suis Charlie

batrabill    -- Dec-11-2017 @ 1:36 PM
  The 4 links you have posted are, in order,

New Pub
Old Pub
Old Pub
New pub but dead link


Helmsman1946    -- Dec-11-2017 @ 2:40 PM
  This is not the only Pub to have out of date websites still open - there is a link from an old FB page to the new.
I suspect the only way to clean up the system is to get an IT expert to clean up the system which may cost.
Maybe Cantley Computers has a fix ???
Some advice to publicans in the Morning Advertiser?
As many (most) businesses claim they get most of their new trade from the internet (and cry if connection is slow) Confused a solution needs to be found.


Summer-Breeze    -- Dec-11-2017 @ 4:19 PM
  There is a strange anomaly I know of. Friends of ours bought the lease of a pub and started trading. There was already a brilliant website for the pub that the previous owners had made so they contacted them to see if they could take it over. The old tenants wanted stupid money for it so our friends declined and got their own made. The problem was the old site stayed live with the old tenants refusing to take it down. This is perfectly legal unless they seek to damage the new business. It caused lots of problems as some of the reviews on the old site were not favourable
In this instance of The Lion some of these facebook pages and websites could have been hosted by old tenants and its really hard to get them removed.

Its not the destination its the journey that matters

Pubman    -- Dec-27-2017 @ 2:56 PM
  hope this post will help clear up any confusion, feel free to ask any questions i haven't answered


Thank you all for the support we have received since our opening in late may. We have now closed for work to commence on finishing the refurbishments ready for us to open for Easter time.
These include secondary toilets, lobby area, new windows, fascias and guttering, staff area, new septic tank, new gas tank, secondary garden space, car park and a few finishing touches internally.
Contrary to rumours we are not closing permanently but at the same time we made the decision to close earlier than planned as it wasn't financially viable to stay open any longer without getting the rest of the work done.
This year has been a tough one with ill health (myself/family/staff), chef crisis after chef crisis, equipment failure, building issues and general poor luck.
We have struggled our way through and have not always been at our best and we apologise to any customers we have let down this year.
We have a clear idea of what we need to do going forward and are already hard at work trying to address all of the areas brought up by various people this year.
This business has been the toughest challenge I have ever undertaken and it has nearly cost me my other pub in the process but we will not be beaten.
Thank you to all of my amazing staff that have worked so hard to get us through.
Hope to see you all next year!

Rick & Staff

Dzign    -- Dec-27-2017 @ 3:02 PM
  Good luck and hope the New Year is the start of an upturn in your fortunes


aboattime    -- Dec-27-2017 @ 5:01 PM
  Good luck Rick,as far as we are concerned you have done a great job in transforming The Lion.Compared to how it used to be you have already done a first class job, and thats before the next round of work.We look forward to you re opening and your on our list of Must Visit.

kindest regards

Kevin Cook

turnoar    -- Dec-27-2017 @ 5:09 PM
  As liong as you are thure to serve us, we the punters will be thure to beer served.

Puns aside last season is the best the pub has been in my living memory. Never in my booziest dreams did I think I’d be presented with such a delightful array of ales and such good grub from a riverside pub.

If next year is going to be better then I’ll think I’ve left this earth in a demipin and joined all the old crew up high!

2018 thurnewecome

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