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Wonderwall    -- Jun-3-2015 @ 12:29 AM
  Time is slowly ticking away but my ten days in heaven is getting closer.
My first night is dependant on weather etc but does the fishermans have a dartboard or and a pool table?   Me and the the young lad would love to spend our first night having a game, as the conditions are a bit fast for us part time fisherman.  
All replies are very much appreciated.

boat-mad    -- Jun-3-2015 @ 3:55 PM
  Wonderwall hi,

I'm afraid there is no mention of a dartboard or pool table on their website that can be found Here

I did try calling them but no answer.  I don't know if they open all day or not.

Their direct telephone number is 01493 780729. Cheers

Kind Regards

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Wonderwall    -- Jun-3-2015 @ 4:28 PM
  Thanks boat mad. Very helpful and kind of you.
I will give them a ring but I'm keeping my options open anyway, one of which is I might ?!!!? get under potter bridge first night, you never know!!!
I'm hiring from HW an ex connisusseur , (radiant) which has a slight chance of getting under.
Cheers again.

palmtree    -- Jun-3-2015 @ 5:17 PM

We were in the Fishermans last Thursday night, Just re-opened again under new management.

Warm welcome and good food.

Sorry can't remember if a pool table was in the main bar, but might be in the other room.


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