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bricktop    -- Aug-17-2005 @ 8:16 PM
  Stopped here on 2nd Aug.
Pub having problems with the chef so is only offering basket meals at £6 per head.
Food quantity was huge and quality not bad.
Very child friendly and an enjoyable evening was had by us all.
As we had never stopped here before and having read previous comments we are glad that we did and would return.


Where do I put the bed ??

jimgibnry    -- Aug-18-2005 @ 9:37 AM

Nice to hear something nice being said about this place. Richards incident however terrible surely must have been a one off. I'll definitely be calling here in the spring..

Can you still go to the top of the windmill?



Helenhighwater    -- Aug-18-2005 @ 1:20 PM
  We moored there a couple of weeks ago for lunch.  Landlord was very friendly.  He was particularly good with the kids. Nice atmosphere,  nice everything!  

When rats leave a sinking ship where exactly do they think they're going??

Swordfish    -- Sep-5-2005 @ 9:15 AM
  Windmill is closed to visitors now, and I was looking forward to that.

Les_Gosail    -- Sep-19-2005 @ 5:30 PM
  Hi All

Just been introduced to this forum. Afraid to say Robert's incident was not a one off. In 2003 had similar un-warranted abuse from mien host. Pulled in to raise mast prior to visiting pub when young lad starts giving my wife grief about us stopping at pub or pxxing off. I told him I’d be going as soon as I’d finished sorting out the rigging. "Not good enough" he was getting the manager and I’d better watch out because he was a big man. Finished job, and cast off in time to see mad pub manager running towards waterside bellowing threats. Blew kiss to him. Minutes later heard swearing from astern, he had actually taken to a motorboat to chase me and continue threats. I told him to grow up and learn to run a business, and we parted, his final gambit being something about him reporting the matter to the police.

Les Leeds

roya    -- Sep-20-2005 @ 9:41 AM
  Hi Les welcome to the site.
next time we go  [if] dont know what to wear a smile or boxing gloves.


where is my anorak.

Richard    -- Sep-21-2005 @ 3:33 AM

Thats a great shame. After all of the positive posts I really thought it was a one shot deal of a chap having a bad day.

I must admit that I would love to go into the pub, but as I've been banned that's probably not going to happen.

But I must admit that that it's the first time that I've been banned from a pub with out even entering it.

Les_Gosail    -- Sep-21-2005 @ 10:29 PM

Firstly,apologies for getting name wrong.  Blush  Yes, the behaviour was so extreme I had wondered whether the man had suffered some severe trauma that day. Your post was surprising in that: 1/ The poor fellow is still burdened with the responsibility of running a business. 2/ He still thinks yachtsmen are after his silver (Maybe frightened by pirate films at an early age?).


lovejoy54    -- Sep-21-2005 @ 10:35 PM
  hi members, a friend of mine a regular boat hirer on the broads told me he thought the berney arms had new management.anyone know if this is so.

roy haslam

billmaxted    -- Sep-22-2005 @ 7:25 AM
  Re the closure of the Mill the natives are getting restless it seems

A suitable case for a bit of forum power to their elbows?

"Actually I'm very good at going sideways until I want to moor that is!!!"  Bill...

Boatboy    -- Sep-22-2005 @ 10:15 AM
  All I can say is good luck with English Heritage, you'll need it.

I cancelled my subscription/membership a couple of years ago with a stinging letter to their Chief Exec because of their management policy relating to a number of properties and sites they run. They seem to have set themselves as an agency above any kind of accountability or reportability to their sponosors and members.

billmaxted    -- Sep-22-2005 @ 11:01 AM
They seem to have set themselves as an agency above any kind of accountability or reportability to their sponosors and members.

We seem to be used to such sort of agencies. Mad

"Actually I'm very good at going sideways until I want to moor that is!!!"  Bill...

hisgirl    -- Sep-26-2005 @ 1:49 AM
are we talking about a different berney arms?? i thought there was only one, stopped there this weekend (on  recommadation) never again, thepub wasdirty,the food wasnt that bad although it took a long while to be served,and wasnt that hot, the bloke in charge seemed like he had bitten a wasp?

Boatboy    -- Sep-26-2005 @ 9:32 AM
  Sounds like the Berney Arms we all know and (used to) love!

I've always found it a bit dark and dingy but more because of the style of the place, not that it was dirty. But some time since I was last there, and after Richards experience earlier this year a lot longer before I will be there again.



roya    -- Sep-26-2005 @ 12:31 PM
hisgirl welcome to the site  Smile


where is my anorak.

billmaxted    -- Sep-26-2005 @ 1:08 PM
  Oh Dear, silly pillocks come to mind, I had hoped much might have returned to normality especially with the Yare Navigation this weekend.

"Actually I'm very good at going sideways until I want to moor that is!!!"  Bill...

Broads01    -- Sep-26-2005 @ 8:55 PM
  Oh dear, this i turning into quite a sad thread. For a pub in such a lovely position, with the virtually unique selling point of not being accessible by road, it's mind boggling how someone could make such a mess of running it.


lovejoy54    -- Sep-26-2005 @ 11:36 PM
  simon have you noticed how so many landlords dont like joe public ,why do these people take these jobs leave them to people lovers.

roy haslam

MadAnnie    -- Jun-12-2006 @ 11:41 PM
  We visited Berney Arms in May this year,
After a harrowing day, we couldn't be bothered going through to Gt Yarmouth and thought Berney would be more pleasant to stay at, waiting for low tide the next morning.
When we moored we realised it was for 'customers only' so thought we'd go in and check the menus out (couldn't be bothered moving!) but at 3pm we'd just missed lunch and they didn't serve again till 6pm.
The guy seemed friendly enough and said that dogs were welcome too (we have 2 labradors)
By 6pm we were starving so we trailed off to the pub but didn't realise the dogs weren't allowed in the restaurant bit (he didn't actually say that!) just in the bar area. The bar area was a bit dingy and us being non-smokers, took the dogs back to the boat.
We got the last table in the empty 'restaurant', which was probably the worst position! We were the first ones to arrive (and to moor there!) yet everyone else had 'reserved' their table. Something else we weren't told about.

The food was very nice, most meals average about £8 and the kids meals were £9 between the 2 of them. It was cheaper to buy a bottle of wine than by the glass.
I had lamb shank in red wine sauce, the meat just melted in your mouth. The rest of the family had some home made suet pudding type meals (steak & ale, chicken & leek) that went down well, very tasty and nicely cooked.
The 'restaurant' part was spotless, nicely presented and the waitresses were very helpful so can't fault that.
Outside was very shabby, it seems a shame when it's such a prime position. My daughter insisted on going on the swing but had to be supervised as the area was very overgrown and there was a lot of rubble etc lying around. I wouldn't say it was ideal for kids in its present state. My son did enjoy a game of pool afterwards.
We enjoyed our meal, but when we came out of the pub the boat had disappeared! (tide) so be careful if you've had a few!!
Also if anyone was planning to go for a meal, reserve your table and if you don't want to eat in the smoky bar, don't take your dog!
I don't know if it's the same guy or not, he looked a bit grumpy but we didn't encounter any problems.
......or maybe he was having a good day, we weren't!

Richard    -- Jun-12-2006 @ 11:56 PM
  Glad to hear you had a good time, hopefully my experience was just a once off!

NorfolkNog    -- Jun-17-2006 @ 8:53 PM
  We moored at the Berney Arms last Sunday. After playing 'hunt the prop' (hello Kingfisher  Smile )we toddled down to the pub for a drink. The Wherry was spot on, even though Chris (the landlord) was worried about it. I have read this thread before but must say based on our experience, Chris was very good to us. He came over for a chat and let us have another beer as he had a long day. He went to bed and just asked us to leave our glasses outside. I guess we all have our off moments and I think Richard sadly caught him on a bad day. Having said that, I would have been equally concerned if it had happened to me.



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