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Broadshaven Tavern
14 Reviews
Bridge Road
Potter Heigham
Phone : 01692 670329
Email :
Homepage :
Directions - Boat : Right by the bridge
Directions - Car :
Latitude: Longitude:
Affiliation: Unknown

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Broadshaven Tavern                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo Provided by woodwose Broadshaven Tavern                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo Provided by NorfolkNog
ATM Pub Public Moorings Restaurant

Entry Last Updated By : NorfolkNog 16 Jun 2007

Reviewed By : stevieboy
Review Date : March 29 2016
Didn't seem to be open - March 2016

Can't comment as they weren't open and telephone number 01692 670329 was not available

Mooring Description :
Public mooring Herbert Woods side of the bridge great with water available (Only one of the two pipes was working when we were there)
Food Description :
Can't comment as they weren't open
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : lily
Review Date : October 15 2013

Very nice food good price

Mooring Description : Not Reviewed
Food Description :
Just had pie chips and peas and the pie had a stuffing crust so quite tasty
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Sauron
Review Date : August 17 2011
Most improved pub of the year?

Not a place I liked to frequent a few years ago but this year! Fantastic job lovely bar area Great food and finally decent staff

Mooring Description :
Plenty of public moorings other side of bridge/river Herbert Wood for hirers and a few outside the pub (if you can get under that damn bridge)
Food Description :
Very good grub & not too expensive
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : pugwash75
Review Date : May 12 2011
Broadshaven on the up!

New tennants of this once grubby old hole are doing a mint job of bringing this place and potter into the 21st century, Un-molested lager/beer are on tap, staff are very friendly, professional down to earth and game for a laugh. Keep up the excellent work and we will see you again soon.

Mooring Description :
There is a couple of riverside moorings available if you can get under the bridge otherwise plenty to be had at herbie woods yard 100 yards away. Neither are to far to stumble after sinking a few. I did however ask if all of they're glasses had holes in the bottom as my beer never seemed to last too long
Food Description :
Chilli to die for, proper home made too with perfectly cooked rice. Not forgetting the Ham Egg and chips that was also unbeleivably perfect in every way and the Mrs is rarely wrong....
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Amboman
Review Date : October 06 2009
Broads-hell Tavern

I'm sure hell is a better place than this. We didn't find anywhere on the few places we visited that were bad, apart from this place. After a long wait for someone to turn up, we were served by a miserable man (seemed like the landlord) that simply couldn't care less. The place stank, it reminded me of going to the smokey football club during my childhood. We ordered drinks, abandoned any idea of eating here, went outside and necked them quickly as we really didn't want to hang about.

Mooring Description : Not Reviewed
Food Description :
Who'd want to eat here?
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Brian152
Review Date : April 13 2009
A pub not to be re-visited

We have been to this so called pub a few times over the past few years, but only if the weather is o.k. for us to sit ouitside. Beer not bad but that's all its got going for it.

Mooring Description :
Excellent moorings at Woods Boat yard.
Food Description : Not Reviewed
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : JoanneEdwards08
Review Date : June 17 2008
The Broadshovel (sorry haven)

Having visited the broadshaven we found it to be run down, dirty and smelt disgusting. The amusement arcade was a joke. On a good note the beer was good although you had to eat it outside because of the smell. What a shame a pub in such area could be as horrific as the broadshaven.

Mooring Description :
Ideal moorings. Easy Access to pub. excellent views of bridge.
Food Description :
Disgusting. Cheap and tacky.
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : sums
Review Date : August 14 2006
The Worst Pub On The Broads?

Not a pleasant experience. Filthy dirty with our feet sticking to the floor! Surly disinterested staff & intrusive entertainment(?). An overall feeling of decaying 1970's Butlins that desperately needs an upgrade. We deserve better than this.

Mooring Description :
Extensive moorings either side of PH bridge.
Food Description :
Didn't eat here & certainly wouldn't!
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : geri
Review Date : April 28 2006


Mooring Description :
Food Description :
the meals are just slopped on a plate and are inedible. the staff are grubby and untidy,and barstaff look permanently the worse for wear.WE HAD THE MISFORTUNE OF VISITING IT SEPT 2005
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : WINNER
Review Date : April 04 2006
Our thoughts on the Broadshaven.

We have just had our winter break in a chalet along the river bank and spent almost every night in the Broadshaven. We found the atmosphere to be rather good, very friendly and helpful staff. After speaking to the owners who were very friendly, we found out that over the past three years alot of repairs and rebuilding work had been under taken on the pub itself, also the bar had been gutted and fully rebuilt which was very nice.

Mooring Description :
We hired a dayboat from a local boatyard and used it to get to the pub of an evening. There are lots of mooring spaces around the bridge area.
Food Description :
We ate at the pub most nights because the wife was feeling a bit lazy. The waiting time was reasonable and the food we couldnt fault for the price. I would recomend the Sunday carvery!
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Bounty
Review Date : May 04 2005

After spending 10's of 1000's on the pub, the new owners are starting to make some headway. The beer has improved imeasurable over the past four years. Give 'em some support and hopefully it will continue to improve.

Mooring Description : Not Reviewed
Food Description : Not Reviewed
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : roya
Review Date : March 18 2005

Feel a little sorry for the owners,since buying this pub it has been falling down around them. New floors have been fitted Walls have collapsed and part of the roof is falling in years of neglect have taken their toll.

Mooring Description : Not Reviewed
Food Description : Not Reviewed
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Derek
Review Date : March 15 2005
Poor service and poor food.

I agree with Richard…. Just get a beer

Mooring Description :
Good moorings if you can get under the bridge.
Food Description :
Don’t bother
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

Reviewed By : Richard
Review Date : March 02 2005
Grotty Pub

The place lacks charm, and has a very run down look both inside and out. Best bet is to get a beer then site on the grass by th eriver and watch the boats try and get through the bridge.

Mooring Description :
Although it's on "the other side" of the bridge there are plenty of good moorings in Potter
Food Description : Not Reviewed
Ratings Food: Mooring: Kids: Overall:

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